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The Gift is Mine

Sermon by Pastor Fitzroy Maitland: Pastor Maitland analyzed the spiritual gifts God has lent to us, from a stewardship perspective. We are one body with many gifts. Dr. Maitland stated that we have 3 reasons for spiritual gifts: Service Diversity Unity

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God’s Divine Request

Sermon by Pastor Frankie Lazarus: Who is poor? In reality we all struggle and are poor in certain areas of our lives. There is a sense that if we’re poor, we have nothing to give (to God’s house). We need

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God’s Divine Appointment

Sermon by Pastor David Schwinghammer: God stands at the door and knocks. We have to open it fully,  and give him our whole heart. Our culture is driven by consumerism and an, “I want it now” attitude, or better yet, an,

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